Are we vilifying men?
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Are we vilifying men?

In this episode of "Man Up, Man Down," Volker and David discuss with Anita, a mental health strategist, the challenges facing men in society, particularly focusing on the construction industry and the barriers to mental health support for men. Anita shares insights into the high suicide rates among men, especially in male-dominated industries like construction, where the risk is significantly higher than the national average.

The conversation delves into several key points:

1.    Stigma and Culture: There's a significant stigma surrounding mental health in male-dominated professions, compounded by a culture that may not always be supportive. The banter culture, while bonding, can sometimes cross into bullying, especially for those already struggling.

2.    Lack of Support: Anita highlights the systemic lack of support for men's mental health, including inadequate training for medical professionals in suicide prevention and a healthcare system that may not ask the right questions or provide the type of support that men find most beneficial.

3.    Trauma and the Criminal Justice System: Anita points out that a significant portion of the male prison population has a background of trauma, challenging the notion that men are inherently more prone to violence or aggression.

4.    Education and Development: Boys often fall behind in the education system, which isn't tailored to their developmental needs. The discussion touches on the importance of recognizing different learning and developmental timelines between genders.

5.    Seeking Solutions: The conversation also explores how men do seek help and the importance of creating safe, supportive environments for men to open up. Examples include specialised groups and initiatives that offer practical, solution-focused support in informal settings, such as men's sheds or sports teams, which facilitate open discussion and connection among men.

6.    Societal Shifts and Challenges: The discussion touches on the broader societal shifts and the challenges these pose to men's identity and role in society, including the impacts of the feminist movement and how advocating for men's issues is often seen as contentious.

7.    Looking Forward: The need for more focused efforts on men's mental health and well-being, including the establishment of roles like a minister for men's health and broader societal recognition of the unique challenges men face, is emphasised.

This episode underscores the complexity of men's mental health issues, the need for tailored support systems, and the importance of societal change in how we address and support men's mental health.

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