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2nd LIVE Event - October 2024

Overcoming Fear:
Transforming adversity into a road map for growth

Keynote: Marc Convey

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David Pawsey

David is a father to a 14 year old girl (well, now a woman) and a 11-year old boy, husband to a beautiful woman and owner of Archie, a Beagle.
He uses humour as a defence mechanism since he was at school, often at the most inappropriate moments. 
With ADHD and adult autism, he works as a copywriter and marketing consultant. 

Volker Ballueder

Volker is a father to two boys in their early teens, a husband to a Scottish lassie and owner of Arnie, a miniature Dachshund, or sausage dog.
He has been meditating daily for over 15 years, teaches mindfulness and works as an executive coach, as a sales consultant and sales coach as well as a therapist; he is an investor, mentor and best selling author.
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What Our Listeners Say

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So that’s what men are thinking!

What a great podcast. Really interesting insight into the world of middle aged men. Women are lucky to be able to freely speak about their thoughts and fears so it’s great to see an opportunity here for men. I hope it helps some people feel less alone. Keep up the good work

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Love it!!!

Lots of interesting topics and brave, open conversations but with good humour.

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Highly recommended

A super honest and open insight into the world of men and middle age - highly recommended. The guys should take this onto the stage…..very entertaining.

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