Stress, Burn out and middle age men
Man Up / Man DownMay 16, 2024x
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Stress, Burn out and middle age men

In this episode of Man Up / Man Down, hosts David and Volker interview Katie Maycock, the founder of Get Your Shit Together, which offers bespoke well-being strategies focusing on sustainable performance. Katie discusses the importance of addressing stress and burnout, particularly in middle-aged men, a group that often reaches a point of reflection on their well-being due to life pressures and the impacts of events like COVID-19.

Katie shares her personal journey, highlighting her experiences with burnout while working in corporate sales, working long hours, and facing severe health issues due to stress. Her story emphasises the physical, mental, and emotional toll of burnout, leading her to launch Get Your Shit Together to help others manage stress and prevent burnout by combining her background in nutrition and corporate experience.

The conversation delves into the stages of burnout, from excitement to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion, stressing the importance of recognising early warning signs and addressing them. Katie stresses that burnout is not just a workplace issue, but a broader human issue influenced by various stressors, including personal pressures and societal expectations.

Katie and the hosts discuss the difference between Type A and Type B personalities, with Type A individuals being more prone to burnout due to their high-stress, high-performance lifestyle. The importance of sleep, exercise, and setting boundaries is highlighted as key to preventing burnout. Katie also criticises the glorification of the "5 AM Club" mentality without adequate rest, emphasising the need for personal wellness routines tailored to individual needs.

The episode underscores the necessity of personal responsibility and accountability in managing stress and avoiding burnout. Katie advocates for a holistic approach to well-being, combining physical health management with introspection on one's relationship with stress and establishing healthy boundaries and coping mechanisms.

Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their stress levels and well-being, with Katie providing practical advice on recognising burnout symptoms and taking proactive steps to manage stress for sustainable performance and a healthier life.

You can find out more about Katie’s services here: or if you are interested in her corporate services here:


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