Podcasting, Midlife and Health Scares
Man Up / Man DownJune 20, 2024x
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Podcasting, Midlife and Health Scares

In this "Man Up / Man Down" podcast, hosts David Pawsey and Volker Ballueder are joined by James Marriott, who works in radio and media and edits the podcast. This episode dives into the experiences and insights from James's life, especially focusing on his journey around mindfulness, alcohol use, and personal growth.

James shares his recent decision to buy a house and the financial commitments that come with it, joking about the economic climate's impact on his lifestyle. He also touches on his passion for Eurovision, revealing plans to travel there, blending his interest in cultural celebrations with his professional life in media.

A significant part of the discussion revolves around James's sober journey, initiated by a health scare involving hypertension. This moment of crisis led him to evaluate his lifestyle choices, particularly his alcohol consumption, which was culturally and socially ingrained but not excessive. James's decision to stop drinking was not only a health choice but also a profound personal revelation, discovering that he is essentially a person who thrives without alcohol.

The conversation also delves into the role of mindfulness in dealing with life's stresses and pressures. James, along with the hosts, discusses how mindfulness techniques have helped them manage personal and professional challenges more effectively, promoting a balanced and reflective approach to life's ups and downs.

Furthermore, the hosts and James explore the broader implications of personal choices and societal norms on well-being. They discuss the pressures of maintaining social habits like drinking and how mindfulness can offer alternative ways to manage stress and social engagement.

This episode not only highlights personal transformations and the power of mindfulness but also emphasises the importance of introspection and personal growth in mid-life, offering listeners insights into managing health, stress, and personal development in more fulfilling ways.

You can find out more about James on his website www.wearesoundmedia.com or touch base with him via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-marriott-podcast/

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