Lions Barber Collective
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Lions Barber Collective

In this episode of "Man Up/Man Down," hosts David and Volker interview Stuart Wallis, an associate director at Mace, a global construction and consultancy company. Stuart shares his involvement with the Lions Barber Collective (LBC), a charity aiming to reduce male suicide rates, particularly in the construction industry, where the suicide rate is alarmingly high.

Stuart discusses the creation of safe spaces through LBC's pop-up barbershops on construction sites, offering workers not only haircuts but also an opportunity for open conversations about mental health. The initiative aligns with Mace's commitment to employee well-being, emphasising mental health alongside physical safety. Stuart recounts personal motivations stemming from his wife's illness and the impact of COVID-19 on his family, highlighting the importance of workplace support.

The discussion also touches on the challenges within the construction industry, including job instability, isolation, and the traditional macho culture that often discourages open dialogue about mental health. The LBC's approach, through Barber Talk Light training, empowers barbers to engage in mental health conversations, providing a unique avenue for support that complements traditional mental health resources.

Stuart's enthusiasm for the LBC's mission is palpable, as he shares stories of the positive impact on workers' morale and mental well-being. He encourages other organisations to embrace similar initiatives, stressing the broader applicability beyond the construction industry.

The episode concludes with a call to action for more awareness and support for mental health in the workplace, emphasising the LBC's role in fostering a culture of openness and care within traditionally stoic industries.

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