Midlife Metabolic Health - Roderick Lambert
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Midlife Metabolic Health - Roderick Lambert

In this episode of "Man Up Man Down," hosts David and Volker welcome Roderick Lambert, who specialises in helping midlifers lose weight and regain metabolic health. Roderick shares his personal journey of struggling with obesity for 15 years until a doctor's warning prompted him to delve into nutrition and fitness, leading him to not only lose over 20 kilograms in six months but maintain it.

Roderick explains that obesity and related health issues stem from cellular and sub-cellular dysfunction, particularly within the mitochondria. He emphasises the importance of looking beyond just food and exercise, suggesting that light, water, and magnetism also play crucial roles in metabolic health.

The conversation covers the historical shifts in human lifestyle, particularly the move towards an industrialised society, which has led to increased indoor living, convenience food consumption, and a departure from our evolutionary dietary patterns. Roderick argues that these changes have disrupted our natural circadian rhythms and mitochondrial function, contributing to the rise in obesity and metabolic diseases.

He advocates for a diet high in animal protein for its bioavailability and satiety effects, and discusses the benefits of time-restricted eating and fasting. Roderick stresses that proper timing and quality of food, exposure to natural light, and managing artificial light exposure are key to resetting our body's internal clock and improving metabolic health.

The discussion also touches on the benefits of low-intensity steady-state exercise over high-intensity workouts for fat loss, and the importance of aligning eating patterns with natural circadian rhythms for optimal health.

Listeners are encouraged to explore Roderick's program and resources for more detailed guidance on achieving metabolic health and weight loss.

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