The coach with the Spider Tattoo
Man Up / Man DownApril 11, 2024x
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The coach with the Spider Tattoo

In this episode of the "Man Up / Man Down” podcast, hosted by Volker Ballueder and David Pawsey, guest Jerry Colonna, a leading executive coach, and CEO of Reboot, shares profound insights into midlife, personal growth, and finding purpose. Jerry, known for his experience as a venture capitalist turned coach, discusses his journey through midlife, emphasising the importance of confronting inner turmoil to achieve a more conscious life.

Jerry's story includes a symbolic encounter with a spider during a soul-searching retreat, which led him to realise that worrying excessively about the future, especially about his children, was hindering his growth. This moment of clarity is memorialised by a tattoo of a spider, symbolising his lesson in worry and care. Jerry’s reflections on midlife are deeply personal, involving an internal battle where external success did not equate to internal happiness. His path to understanding involved introspection and recognising that true contentment comes from aligning one's internal and external worlds.

The conversation covers the challenges men face in midlife, highlighting societal pressures to accumulate wealth and status as measures of success. Jerry advocates for a redefinition of success, focusing on personal fulfilment, relationships, and emotional well-being rather than material achievements. He emphasises the value of introspection, therapy, and confronting one's fears and insecurities as critical steps towards personal growth and happiness.

Jerry also touches on the importance of legacy, viewing midlife as an opportunity to reflect on one’s contributions and the impact on future generations. He discusses his relationship with his father, exploring how understanding and forgiving past generational traumas can lead to healing and a sense of wholeness.

The episode concludes with Jerry offering advice to individuals navigating midlife, urging them to recognise that they are not broken but merely experiencing a natural phase of life that calls for self-examination and acceptance. He highlights the potential for growth and renewal, encouraging listeners to embrace their journey with openness and compassion towards themselves and others.

This episode provides listeners with a rich, thoughtful exploration of midlife, challenging conventional notions of success, and offering guidance on how to live a more authentic, fulfilled life. Jerry's insights inspire listeners to reflect on their own lives, confront their fears, and embark on a journey towards personal growth and self-discovery.

His books can be purchased on Amazon:

Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up

Reunion: Leadership and the Longing to Belong

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