A Band of Brothers
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A Band of Brothers

In this episode of "Man Up, Man Down," David and Volker talk to Berny Auton from A Band of Brothers. A Band of Brothers is an organisation that mentors young men involved with or at risk of involvement in the criminal justice system. We discuss the organisation's aim to support these young men in finding a purposeful and responsible life path. Founded in 2009, the organisation assists those who've faced trauma, substance abuse, or homelessness, often resulting from early family breakdowns or care system experiences.

Berny highlights the prevalence of undiagnosed mental health and nuerodiversity issues among young men in the criminal justice system and emphasises the importance of listening and non-judgmental support.

Berny talks about how the mentoring process is personalised and aims to empower young men to make their own decisions. Mentors and mentees meet regularly in a neutral environment, fostering trust and open communication. The organisation's approach is not about imposing decisions but supporting the young men in their journey to adulthood, offering a contemporary rite of passage that marks their transition into responsible adult life.

Berny opens up about his personal connection to the cause, driven by a traumatic event involving his daughter. This experience fuelled his commitment to contribute positively to young men's lives in his community, highlighting the transformative power of understanding, empathy, and community support.

Volker and David delve into the structure and support system for mentors within A Band of Brothers, ensuring they are well-equipped to assist without bearing the emotional weight alone. The discussion touches on the challenges and rewarding moments of mentoring, emphasising the importance of patience, commitment, and the impact of genuine human connection.

Berny's story and the work of A Band of Brothers illustrate the profound effect that compassionate mentorship can have on individuals and communities, offering hope and a path forward for young men at risk of falling through the cracks of the criminal justice system.

You can find out more about the amazing work carried out by A Band of Brothers here https://abandofbrothers.org.uk/ and you can connect with Berny here https://www.linkedin.com/in/bernardauton

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