On Being Men
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On Being Men

In this episode of "Man Up/ Man Down," hosts David and Volker engage in a conversation with Yaron Engler, the founder of On Being Men. On Being Men is a programme designed for men who feel lost, lacking purpose, and struggle with negative self-talk, judgment, and a lack of intimacy and connection in their lives. Yaron's ninety-day program is not just about personal development in the traditional sense; it aims to create a space that is neither macho nor overly sensitive but focuses on helping men tap into their untapped potential to become better individuals for themselves and those around them.

Yaron discusses the importance of distinguishing his programme from therapy, emphasising that it is more suitable for men ready to tackle their issues head-on, those who have already undergone some form of therapy, or who are seeking to complement their ongoing therapy with a community of like-minded individuals. The programme, which Yaron describes as a boot camp for the soul, challenges participants through exercises that promote vulnerability, honesty, and personal growth.

The conversation also touches on the societal expectations of men and the stigmatisation of showing vulnerability or emotions. Yaron argues that embracing vulnerability and working through emotions is a source of true power and strength, not weakness. He highlights the value of honest feedback within the community he has created, allowing men to see their blind spots and grow in a supportive environment.

Yaron's journey from overcoming personal challenges, including depression and professional uncertainty, to founding Being Men is shared as a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery and community support. He emphasises the importance of honesty, both with oneself and within relationships, as a foundational value for personal growth and fulfilment.

Listeners are encouraged to explore what On Being Men offers if they feel a pull towards confronting their challenges in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. Yaron's story and the principles behind Being Men serve as an invitation to men everywhere to engage more deeply with their own journey of self-improvement and to find strength in vulnerability and connection.

Find out more: https://onbeingmen.com/

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