A solo episode: Productivity and New Year Resolutions
Man Up / Man DownFebruary 15, 2024x
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A solo episode: Productivity and New Year Resolutions

In this podcast episode, David and Volker engage in a candid and wide-ranging discussion about personal habits, productivity, and the challenges of maintaining New Year's resolutions. The conversation starts with the struggle to maintain New Year's resolutions and the importance of setting realistic goals.

David shares insights into his approach of setting goals rather than resolutions, emphasising the value of looking back at past achievements to inform future objectives. Both highlight the significance of personalised strategies, including the adoption of routines that align with individual lifestyles and values. They discuss the importance of flexibility in goal setting and the necessity of adapting plans as life circumstances change.

Throughout the conversation, they touch upon various strategies for enhancing productivity, such as time blocking, habit stacking, and the benefits of incorporating exercise and mindfulness into daily routines. They also explore the concept of 'mind fasting' as a way to give the brain a break from constant stimulation.

The discussion delves into the importance of not being overly rigid with habits and routines, acknowledging that it's okay to miss a gym session or deviate from a set schedule occasionally. They emphasise the importance of self-care and listening to one's body and mind's needs.

Towards the end, they share personal anecdotes and tips for regaining focus and motivation, suggesting that even a brief commitment to an activity can help overcome inertia. The conversation concludes with encouragement for listeners to find what works best for them and to seek support within their community, including the WhatsApp group from Man Up / Man Down.

Overall, the episode offers a relatable and pragmatic take on managing personal habits, goals, and the challenges of sustaining motivation beyond the initial enthusiasm of New Year's resolutions.

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