Charlie Hoare – Mental Health, Bullying and a Bike Trip
Man Up / Man DownFebruary 08, 2024x
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Charlie Hoare – Mental Health, Bullying and a Bike Trip

In this podcast episode of "Man Up / Man Down," Charlie Hoare, an executive coach and author, discusses his personal journey dealing with anxiety and depression, which inspired his book on male mental health.

Charlie talks about how our parents’ generation had a very different upbringing, with the mantra of “a stiff upper lip” and not really expressing their emotions. Despite having a close, loving relationship with his own parents, Charlie expresses this is not the way he wants to raise his own children.

Like Man Up / Man Down, he wants to encourage the next generation to be more open about their emotions and mental health, to further destroy the stigma of discussing these issues.

He shares his experiences transitioning from working in the food and drink industry to coaching, focusing on wellbeing and performance.

Charlie also recounts his experience of bullying, which had a major impact on his life. This resulted in him reaching out to his bully years later. They met up and Charlie describes how his bully had been holding regret about his behaviour at school.

Charlie also reveals how he and his now wife, decided to cycle from Malaysia to the UK. This was despite not really having any cycling experience. Although the early stages of the journey resulted in tension and a few arguments, it ultimately proved a transformative experience that brought them closer together.

Charlie says that the epic cycling trip gave him a greater appreciation of kindness in the world – coming across strangers who had little in the way of material possessions but offered food and hospitality when they needed it.

He emphasises the importance of defining personal success and adapting to life's challenges, underscoring the evolving cultural understanding of mental health across generations.

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