Glen Beamson, Chief Technology Sponsor at Welldoing
Man Up / Man DownMarch 14, 2024x
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Glen Beamson, Chief Technology Sponsor at Welldoing

In this episode of Man Up Man Down, David and Volker host Glen Beamson, the Chief Technology Sponsor at Welldoing, a platform that matches individuals with the right therapist or coach. Welldoing, known for its support of mental health and self-improvement, has been a long-time supporter of the podcast. Glen, with a background in helping start-ups scale through technology and experience in big tech, is also a qualified executive coach with a passion for mental health and self-improvement. An interesting fact we discovered about Glen was his participation in the Desert Ultra, highlighting his adventurous spirit.

Glen shares his journey from working in big tech and international roles to seeking a more fulfilling path in start-ups focused on social impact, particularly in conservation and mental health. His move was driven by a desire for direct involvement in socially impactful work, contrasting with the indirect impact of his previous roles in banking and technology.

A significant part of the conversation revolves around Glen's unexpected venture into running an ultra-marathon, despite being advised against long-distance running due to his physical build. This experience, driven by a challenge and a sense of proving oneself, reflects a broader theme of overcoming obstacles and setting personal goals.

The discussion also touches on societal changes, the importance of having adventures, and the impact of technological advancements on employment and personal fulfilment. The role of AI in therapy and the potential for new job creation in areas yet to be imagined are explored, highlighting the dynamic interplay between technology, society, and individual aspirations.

Glen's reflections on his upbringing in a mining community and the impact of industrial closures on his family and community underscore the conversation. This personal history informs his views on the importance of work, community, and the pursuit of meaningful, impactful endeavours.

Overall, the episode delves into themes of resilience, the pursuit of personal growth and fulfilment, and the evolving landscape of work and technology. It reflects on the importance of adaptability, the pursuit of passions, and the significance of addressing mental health openly and supportively.

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