Ralph Montague on Sleep, Stress and Longevity
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Ralph Montague on Sleep, Stress and Longevity

In this podcast episode, host Volker and David, welcomed guest Ralph Montague. Ralph is a longevity coach and founder of the Longevity Clinic. Ralph discussed his work in the anti-ageing industry, a near-death experience, and his evolution into writing self-help books, which gives advice on how we can live longer, with better health.

Ralph recounts a traumatic incident where he was attacked in his sleep by his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, leading to significant head injuries. However, Ralph believes that the knowledge he had gained, aided his recovery even utilized treatments from his previous business in skin micro-needling to help heal his wounds.

He shares his transition from investment banking and real estate to opening a chain of anti-aging and longevity clinics in Cardiff, Bristol, and Newport.

Ralph noticed that many clients seeking treatment to improve how they looked, as they got older had deeper internal issues, often related to stress.

This prompted him to shift focus from external aesthetics to internal well-being, incorporating therapies like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cryotherapy, and red-light therapy.

Ralph describes his personal routine, which includes meditation, exercise, and a strict diet - emphasisng the importance of managing stress, sleep, and overall health. He also discusses his decision to abstain from sex for a period, focusing on his business and personal growth, and exploring the concept of hands-free orgasms, which he has written about.

Diet-wise, Ralph maintains a simple, organic diet, with staples like porridge, eggs, and vegetables, emphasizing the importance of healthy eating in longevity. He comments on the impact of inflation on food prices and his philosophy of optimizing life for health and well-being.

Addressing sleep and stress, Ralph offers practical tips, including the importance of meal timing, consistent sleep schedules, reducing blue light exposure, and understanding the psychological aspects of stress management. He advocates for a simple, straightforward approach to handling stress, focusing on accepting reality and controlling what one can.

As the conversation wraps up, Ralph mentions his books available on Amazon, "Stop Killing Yourself" and "Stop Waking Up Tired," and his upcoming book on stress management. He also highlights his clinic's services, offering sleep and stress workshops for companies looking to optimize employee performance.

The episode concludes with Ralph's offer to provide copies of his book to the hosts, and plans for a future conversation to delve deeper into various topics, including adaptogens for sleep and stress management.

You can find out more about Ralph on his website or the Longevity Clinic.

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