Solo - Duo - Episode
Man Up / Man DownApril 04, 2024x
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Solo - Duo - Episode

This solo/duo episode of Man up / Man down starts with a light-hearted banter between David and Volker, touching on personal anecdotes about local egg deliveries, dietary preferences, and their affinity for supporting local businesses. The chat meanders through personal histories, including living arrangements in London, reflections on commuting experiences, and transitions to more rural living for family and mental health benefits.

David and Volker explore their work-life balance, the shift towards online work, and the importance of local community engagement. They delve into endurance sports and personal challenges, highlighting the mental and physical aspects of preparing for and participating in marathons, triathlons, and ultra-marathons. The discussion reveals personal growth through these activities and the significance of setting and overcoming challenges.

The conversation shifts to future aspirations, such as swimming the English Channel and participating in other endurance events, juxtaposed with professional growth and the pursuit of qualifications in psychotherapy.

This reflects on the broader theme of life’s challenges, both self-imposed and circumstantial, and the value of perseverance, community support, and gratitude.

David and Volker conclude by encouraging listener engagement through their LinkedIn page and WhatsApp group, aiming to build a supportive

community for men to discuss various topics, including health, fitness, and personal development. They emphasize gratitude, resilience, and the importance

of community as they wrap up their insightful and multifaceted conversation.

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