Matt Pattison, Mindful Eating and Slowing Down
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Matt Pattison, Mindful Eating and Slowing Down

We met Matt Pattison when he put a post out about a course on mindful eating on Leapers. Matt is the founder of TEN - The Experience Network / Anatomy HCD & MeetingProof. He describes himself as:

  • A Mentor/Consultant to many - mid-tier Managers to Vice Presidents/Board members. Primarily on matters of Design, Strategy and Entrepreneurship.
  • A Chartered Human Factors specialist.
  • A Presenter and Documentary film maker.
  • An accomplished speaker for audiences of 50-2000 and stuff like that.

David and Volker went through his programme to slow down their eating. The course, Slow the Fork Down, can be booked on Matt’s website with a 50% discount for Man Up / Man Down listeners. Just follow the link.


  • Take control of your relationship with food.
  • No diets.
  • No punitive rules.
  • You are how you eat [not just what you eat].

Matt works a lot in design for medical devices and does consulting for bigger companies on how to utilise apps, and how to improve them. However, his real passion is about preventing diseases and how that can be done via apps.

As we discuss eating, we also discuss whether meal substitutes actually work and are healthy for us or not. We should slow down and need the chewing rather than just.

Matt also stopped caffeine, reduced his alcohol consumption, is an avid runner and it feels a bit like as if he is experimenting with things that improve his life, make it more mindful and then comes up with a design for it.

We have a vivid discussion on work life balance, and how we judge things differently as we are getting older. A realisation that we need more space, work less, being less stressed, drink less and look after us. We value family more and our connection to friends and family. As Matt points out we don’t put PPE on for our minds, but we probably should.

You can contact Matt on or LinkedIn:


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